Friday, November 25, 2011

What do you think of long distance relationships?

I was friends with this guy for a couple of years then i started to like him and he likes me. So we're kind of together now, but not really. We havent met in person yet, and we're planning on meeting soon. he lives a couple hours away so its hard. I'm kind of scared and I haven't told any one about this yet. I'm 16 and he's 15. I just want your opinions. And I'm SURE that he's not an old man or a perv or anything so please don't just say that.What do you think of long distance relationships?
Theorically, it's possible to do. But in practice, it's very hard to success. Just imagine you know this guy from internet, and you haven't met him in person, how come you like him? you may love him, but that come when both of you actually meet and have same feeling, to make it work.

Since you are sure he doesn't have bad intention or such, then go meet him. It's worth to try, just don't build your hope too much. You can really sure if you are like him or not, after you meet him and talk in person, hang out, knowing each other. Good Luck.

Your case similar with my friend. It work for him, and he's been married for 3 yrs and still get along. Although imo he's very lucky, rare case. Because most similar relationship can't work that way (in here, from what i know). What do you think of long distance relationships?
Honestly, that is not a wise decision. First of all, you are too young to be meeting someone face to face whom you've never met before. I know you hate that and probably don't agree but it's true. Second, ask yourself this, how would my parents, or his, react to this when they find out, and believe me they will. I had a long distance relationship that ended last summer and it is REALLY rough! Only difference with mine was that she lived 1,500 miles or so and I would have to fly every time to see her.

I personally don't consider 2 hours ';long distance'; unless you don't drive.

Its tough honestly, I strongly suggest that you don't do this because it will not work. If you guys were maybe 18-20, then yeah definite possibility. 16 and 15? Come on, seriously just think about it. I wish you the best of luck.
Being your age and without transportation freedom, aka your own car, it's hard to keep a long distance relationship going smoothly. As much as you may like this boy you should probably find one in your general area so you can have a normal, 1 on 1 relationship.
you are can find someone else. You are young why settle and dedicate yourself to someone long distance when you can date someone close by and have fun while you are young? Basically, don't waste your time
if you really love someone, it is doable.

I did with my exBF for 4 years. and still we are keeping touch each other.
Long distance relationships seldom work out.
You are way too young to find love online....find someone you know and can see.
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  • Where can I find info on childhood relationships?

    I'm researching for a story and am looking primarily for online info or some place to start. I want to research how relationships children have in school---particularly high school--with their parents, friends and crushes affect how they form relationships further on in life.Where can I find info on childhood relationships?
    I'm not an expert in this area, but I would advise going to and, which are websites for the American Psychological Association. You might also try some of the medical research sites such as or for further info to get you started.Where can I find info on childhood relationships?
    Your question honestly depends on what exactly you are looking for. If you are looking for the effects girls experience due to growing up then I would recommend a book called ';Reviving Ophelia';. If you are looking into girls and their development compared to their relationship to their fathers then the book ';Women and Their Fathers'; would be a good start. Your question is very vague. You need to be a little bit more direct in order to answer it properly. Sorry if I am sounding rude ... I truly don't mean to be.

    How do i move on from past relationships?

    So far, two men didn't love me the way i loved them. One man went back to his girlfriend and had a baby together. The other man chose his current partner over me, though we stay good friends, i think. I feel rejected. I've been on my own for 3 years now. I barely get dates and I don't even look 38 years old. How i do get over them?How do i move on from past relationships?
    move... move your state of mind... find things to occupy your time, take classes like ceramics or some other art form. stay open to any possibilities that may come your way. you need to forget these two men. go to things where you'll meet different guys, because i'm sorry but they have moved on and you'll only hurt yourself not getting over them. there will always be a place in your heart for them but you need to have some one that will love you back, until someone sweeps you off your feet, get involved in other things

    What can you say about long distance relationships?

    I've been dating my boyfriend for a good 1 year and 7 months now and we have had the longdistance relationship for 2 months and it isnt going so well.. but we manage to settle our issues.. thing is, im too tired of fights but i want this to keep going. is it right to keep this going knowing we might not have the chance to see eachother again?What can you say about long distance relationships?
    My husband and I met online and for 1 year we only spoke on the phone and messenger and had only seen each other in photos. After a year he came to visit me for 2 weeks only. We lived in different continents. He came to see me a couple of times more and then about 8 months later he came to live with me. We are now married and absolutely love our life with each other. Long distance relationship are hard of course when you are in love, but precisely because you're in love you cannot imagine yourself with someone else so you wouldnt go leaving your boyfriend/girlfriend because they are too far.

    There will be hard times because youre are frustrated for not being together, in our case we had a lot of financial and family problems too so that didnt help but we didnt give up on each other and especially my wonderful husband didnt give up on me when I was going through such a hard time I was miserable and angry and unreasonable he stood by me and helped me and did not leave.

    True love lasts forever no matter what other people will like you to think

    If you love your boyfriend, and you know he is the person you want to be with the rest of your life then just tell him that and support him and stick by him, and try not to argue please, its very bad for every relationship, sometimes a quick argument happens but dont do it all the time.

    Have compassion and be selfless and your relationship will thrive.

    I wish you the best of luckWhat can you say about long distance relationships?
    Long distance relationships SUCK full stop!! I mean what is the point if you cant share moments with the person or show them that you love them.. Stand up for each other etc.. If you don't see your boyfriend a lot then maybe you should just explain to him that you ont think it's going to work and maybe both of you should just move on.. and fin new love it's not impossible.. If you really love him then make it work but you need to see each other more and communicate.. One year and seven moths is along time so I guess just follow your heart**
    seldom do they work. the one who moves now has a new life, new friends, new surroundings, everything is new and different obviously. it is a whole new world to them that they are adjusting to. not that they forget about ';home'; but realistically....they also need to keep up with the now. the one who stays behind life does not really change except for the fact that their ';other ';is now gone. so things are a bit frustrating for the one at home. it does not mean they do not love each other but it is hard to keep it going. you have a lot of time invested. maybe you could call it friends before you do not get along. but that may come with time anyways unfortunately. just try not to get catty as this is probably stressful both ways. good luck!!!
    ok, Im going to be strait with you because I wish people were with me.


    I personally have had 3 LDRs and they all went terribly wrong, my first I met when I was on a holiday with my aunt, he was her neighbor and we spent 4 weeks together then were together for 5 months, we had a bit of trouble when he lost his phone and internet privileges and he had no way of telling me so I called him and left a message breaking up with him. Later I found out he had so easily cheated on me because I was not around.

    Example 2, I moved away from my home of 13 years and my best friend decided he wanted me, we tried on and off for 2 years (I was with someone in between) and it ruined our friendship, we were both busy and the stress of wanting to see each other was frustrating. I met someone where I live and broke up with my bf for him, we are now engaged and expecting our first baby

    example 3. when me and my best friend broke up I met a guy online (big mistake) and we were together for 8 months, he was so sweet and so nice, and exactly the same to the other 8 girls he said he loved.

    You can make it work if there is any way to see him frequently so you have something to look forward to, even if its every few months.

    Long distance relationships are extremely difficult unless you periodically visit each other or you have a timeline as to when you will permanently reunite. If you do not, I'm afraid it is likely to fail.
    Hot love connections are beyond distance and time .
    I guess if you like phone sex.
    Sadly long distance relationships don't last. I've been there.
    You need to see each other at least once in a while.
    no intimacy at all=no point at all.

    Have you often wondered why you form relationships with other people?

    I do- I have been burnt so much by other people I often wonder- why do we befriend people and form attachments/relationships if we get broken by them?

    OQ can you figure out why this question was removed last night?Have you often wondered why you form relationships with other people?
    No, I don't wonder anymore. I learned to discern over the years and choose only those with whom I will continue having some form of a relationship with. Getting burned is not always their faults, we too have a part that we play in any relationship as well. Learning the lesson from this is what helps one to discern when going into other realtionships we may have. No man is an island.Have you often wondered why you form relationships with other people?
    Yes i look at the people im friends with...and i realise that none of them really like football and thats my main love! So its like, why am i friends with these people, then i remember its because we laugh at the same immature little jokes...

    I guess humans are naturally social animals and would do anything to feel like we are loved, even if it isnt really true...
    Value system is a necessary evil.So also relation.

    We are not independent body's but interdependent so we require society with a culture.

    How do you describe our next generation relationships?

    Think some minutes and say:

    How would be the next generation's (males and females) relationships?How do you describe our next generation relationships?
    Very few if/when homosexual marriage becomes legal. Who will take it seriously then?

    Relationships are central to our sense of belonging. How true is this for one character?

    That is the question to my speech i have to do on the movie ';my big fat greek wedding';.

    the thing is i dont really understand the question. could anybody help me out %26amp; give me examples?

    btw My topic in year 12 advanced english is belonging.Relationships are central to our sense of belonging. How true is this for one character?
    Never seen the movie but the question is asking this:

    Imagine your best friend invites you out to dinner with three of her best friends. You don't know them, but you know her. How would you feel? Awkward? Shy? Out of place?

    What if your friend invited you and three mutual friends? How would this be different?

    If you look at the main character and her fiance, you can easily apply this. Her fiance (or whoever he is, I'm vague on the details) doesn't necessarily belong with these people and I'm sure he feels very out of place initially. Expand on the ways in which is different from them and how the character expresses his concerns about this.

    Hope that helps,

    SamRelationships are central to our sense of belonging. How true is this for one character?
    Without relationships (friends, parents, etc) how do we know where we belong or feel accepted. We all have the desire to be wanted, appreciated, loved and healthy relationships fulfill this role.

    I am guessing that you can pick any character you want, but an obvious choice would be Toula. Use her relationship with Gus as the bases for your answer. Describe her character, temperament, and social behavior before the relationship.

    Then describe her again after the relationship begins. Note the difference.

    If you鈥檙e feeling extra spunky throw in Maslow鈥檚 Hierarchy of Needs. This is basic psychology and describes how Love/Belonging is the third most important factor for the average person. According to this you need Love/Belonging to achieve good self-esteem and eventually to self-actualize.

    Hope this helps.
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